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Hand pallet truck assessments and training

Hand pallet trucks, or moreover their operators, are responsible for multiple accidents in the work place. These training requirements should never be underestimated.

Taking a look at the regulation 9 of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER 98) stipulates it very clearly that an employer must provide adequate training for all persons who use work equipment.

This includes training in how the equipment should be used, including the risks involved and any precautions that are to be taken.

Within this very same regulation it also makes it clear that those who supervise or manage the use of similar equipment must also receive adequate training.

There are a variety of hand controlled pallet trucks that fall into this category, from a simple manual pump truck through to the complex electric counterbalance stackers.

The level of training required, and the period of time it will take, will obviously vary depending to the type of equipment and the tasks to be performed.

For simple equipment it may be possible to provide quick in-house training. However this still needs to be properly organised and formally recorded.

You should contact GR Safety Solutions to provide you with all the information and training you will require. As ever professional advice should always be sought.

Hand Pallet Truck Training FAQ's

Do hand pallet trucks need LOLER?

pallet truck is designed to lift a pallet just clear of the ground so that it can be moved from one place to another. The HSE consider that the consequences of of the load falling off are very low, therefore LOLER does not apply. The unit will however, still need inspecting under PUWER

Should you push or pull a pallet truck?

Manual Handling training advises to ALWAYS push manual pallet trucks and not to pull them. Remember that pushing a heavy load is likely to exhaust you, whereas pulling one is likely to put your back out

What is the maximum weight of a pallet truck?
How much weight can be safely transported on different types of hand carts?
Table 1 Recommended Limits in the Selection of Hand and Powered Trucks and Carts
Type of Truck or Cart Maximum Load
Hand pallet truck 682 1500
Electric pallet truck 2273 5000
Electric hand-jack lift truck 2273 5000

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  • Our professional health & safety consultants are available 24/7 to advise and support you on any health & safety issues.
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