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The Latest Banksman Training Guidelines 2023

GR Safety Solutions Banksman training ensures that organisations meet their legal requirements and reduce the risk of costly accidents when carrying out large vehicle reversing manoeuvres.

A Vehicle Banksman is the eyes and ears of the crane or truck driver and make sure any manoeuvres they make are safe and don’t put the driver or anyone else in danger.

The Banksman communicates crucial information with the driver via a radio link or pre-arranged hand gestures. By using this method the Banksman can inform the driver of what is going on around the vehicle as the driver does not always have a clear line of sight all around the vehicle.

A Banksman can also be called upon for other duties like directing traffic in and out of the site. Therefore they are sometimes referred to as traffic marshals.

GR Safety Solutions Vehicle Banksman Training

This role has significant importance and responsibility which means it requires all Banksmen to be fully trained.

Training for any Vehicle Banksman needs to be thorough and comprehensive. It’s vital to have knowledge of all the health and safety aspects associated with this job. GR Safety Solutions look at;

  • Knowing the responsibilities all Vehicle Banksmen have
  • The common causes of accidents when moving vehicles
  • How to prevent these common accidents from occuring
  • A good knowledge of the equipment and machinery used
  • The correct method for manoeuvring equipment safely

Banksman roles are in demand and highly valued, not only by employers but by work colleagues alike.

According to recent statistics, nearly one in four deaths which involve a vehicle at work, are when it’s reversing. Which is why a banksman plays such a vital role.

FAQ's About Banksman Training

How long does our Banksman certification last for?

On successful completion of the Vehicle Banksman course, operatives will be awarded a Certificate of Competence which is valid for 3 years.

Does a Banksman need to be trained?

The importance and responsibility of this job means it requires Banksmen to be fully trained. In turn, the training for any Vehicle Banksman needs to be thorough and comprehensive. It’s essential to have knowledge of all the health and safety aspects associated with this job.

How do you become a Banksman?
There are several routes to becoming a banksman/signaller. Speak to your employer about receiving the latest training from GR Safety Solutions and why it would help their business.
How much do Banksman slingers make?
Here are some fast facts: The average Slinger banksman salary is £32,213. This is 7.1% below the national average advertised salary of £34,684. Year-on-year pay for Slinger banksman jobs has gone up 4.7% year-on-year, compared to an annual change of 0.7% for all jobs.

Why choose GR Safety Solutions for your banksman training?

  • Our professional health & safety consultants are available 24/7 to advise and support you on any health & safety issues.
  • We’re highly qualified to carry out your risk assessments for you
  • We can act as your competent person
  • We create health & safety policies, procedures and management systems bespoke to your business
  • We can help you achieve and promote a positive health & safety culture
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Banksman training

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